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Mobile Development


Building quality apps for iOS is a daunting task. Not only do you need to master the platform’s underlying programming languages, but you also have to be an expert on Apple’s numerous frameworks and libraries. Knowing and applying necessary software engineering best practices is also critical to ensure your application is developed efficiently, to the highest level of quality at every step, but without any wasted effort.

With over ten years of iOS engineering experience creating top-tier applications for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, I will help you build a cutting-edge app that your customers will engage with and love, and that will propel your business.

React Native

Having a successful mobile strategy today inevitably means your app needs to be on as many of your customers’ devices as possible, regardless of whether they’re running Android or iOS. React Native offers a cost-effective approach to delivering a cross-platform solution. However, if you’re inexperienced or don’t have in-depth knowledge of the underlying native platforms, this simplicity can quickly come at the cost of the quality of your application.

Having built and shipped multiple React Native applications, I will help you create a fully cross-platform and feature-rich React Native app that will ensure your mobile strategy has an outstanding ROI.

API Development

REST & GraphQL

Let’s face it, any mobile application today is only as great as the backend that powers it. A slow and inefficient API will make your app look sluggish and unresponsive, resulting in a terrible user experience. Also, a poorly designed and inflexible API won’t scale and might be difficult to consume by another application, such as a desktop or web app. Finally, if you didn’t build security into your API from the beginning, you risk exposure to potential attacks and, even worse, possibly compromising the security of your customers.

I will help you design and build a flexible, scalable and secure REST or GraphQL API and bring your application to life while also helping you monetize the data that drives it.

Project Architecture & Management

Project Architecture

The success of any mobile application starts long before the first line of code is written and depends on a lot more than just the app on your customers' devices. Not having a complete and thorough understanding of all the significant components that need to make up your software solution, be they the mobile app, backend, or other, and how they fit together, is a critical mistake that will cost you time and money.

I will help design and architect all essential parts of your software solution using engineering best practices, meeting all functional requirements, and ensuring that the final product is efficient, scalable, and cost-effective.

Team Leadership

Developing a killer mobile app that will capture your customers' imagination is hard work and doesn't happen by accident. Even with a team of talented and driven developers, a guiding voice can sometimes help focus individual efforts, clarify uncertainties, and ensure that everyone pulls in the same direction and towards a common goal.

I will help lead your team on both an engineering and a managerial level, applying best practices along the way. I will plan and coordinate efforts to ensure that deliverables arrive on time and that the project advances as scheduled.

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