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Hi, my name is Jürgen Karir, and I'm a full-stack mobile software engineer living in wonderful Montreal, Canada. With over 15 years of experience, I've taken on different roles, from leading development teams in video game startups to working with other engineers building cutting-edge mobile applications. 


In 2012 I decided to launch my mobile consultancy business to help companies connect with their customers by creating innovative applications for Apple's iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Over the years, my service offerings have grown to include every aspect of implementing a successful mobile strategy, from cross-platform development using React Native for both Apple and Android devices to backend infrastructure and API development. I also help companies define and implement the relevant technology stack and architecture needed to reach their technical objectives. And on a managerial level, I aid teams to achieve their business goals by defining, planning and managing their project priorities and helping them adopt development best practices.


The mobile landscape is constantly changing, bringing in new and exciting challenges and opportunities every day, and I'm truly fortunate to love what I do. But what stands out for me on each project that I take on is that contributing to, and being part of, the success of my clients and their teams is what I'm genuinely passionate about and what drives me every time.

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